10 Amazing Foods For Pregnancy

By | October 13, 2019

There are many questions in mind during pregnancy. The first question is always about the best food or diet for pregnancy. 

Women need not to worry about the best food.

 This is a crucial part of life for every woman. It is very special and so many precautions need to be taken.

 Here are 10 amazing foods for pregnancy.

 Every pregnant woman needs a better diet during this period as it matters a lot

10 amazing foods for pregnancy



Water is very important for pregnant women. Water controls increased blood volume during pregnancy. 

Water intake is important for everyone but when you are pregnant, the importance of water increases more for you.

 You are supposed to stay hydrated. The first step is to keep a watch on your water intake. 

Water prevents haemorrhoids and delivers nutrients to your fetus.

 The body absorbs nutrients into the cells. All-important vitamins and minerals go to blood cells and water takes all these rich blood cells to the baby. 

This is how water provides all vital nutrients to the baby or fetus.

You should drink 35 ounces to 70 ounces of water. It would be around 1 liter to 2.2 liters of water.

 Your body also takes water from food and beverages like tea or coffee you take in a day.

You really need to take care of water intake.

 Water will help to get rid of constipation, headache, and fatigue. It makes you feel healthy.

2.Whole Grains

A healthy meal is very important while you are pregnant. 

To meet increased calorie demand during the second and third trimesters, pregnant women should have whole grains.

 It gives carbohydrates, fibers, protein, magnesium, manganese, vitamins. 

Additionally, it could be wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, cracked wheat, whole barley, quinoa, millet, and popcorns.

3 Eggs


Pregnant women should take care of protein diet intake.

 It is advisable for them to go for eggs, meat, fish, nuts, and tofu. Eggs have minerals, vitamins, protein, and choline.

 Choline is found around 114 mg in a whole egg. It is very good for the brain.

Eggs are found very nutritious. Eggs are one of the best foods during pregnancy.

 Eggs help for overall development.

4.Dairy Products

You should also include milk, cheese, Curd and yogurt. You get casein. It is important type of protein and it gives whey protein also. 

Both types of protein are crucial during pregnancy.

By taking dairy products, your body gets calcium and protein. 

However, these are very healthy for the fetus.

5. Fruits and vegetables

2 to 4 servings of color vegetable everyday. Try to keep it different vegetable along with 2 to 3 fruits a day give fibre and vitamins.

 You should include Mangoes, apricots, oranges, pomegranates, guava, bananas, apples, berries and grapes.

 You should also include dried fruits for amazing health benefits. 

These fruits are best for pregnancy and the health of the fetus.

You should also consider green vegetables like spinach and kale. These are very nutritious. 

You should use little or no oil when cooking vegetables.

You need a balanced meal every 4 hours with light snacks. 

Do not forget your meal.


Figs give you fibre and calcium and so on. Figs are good for getting iron and anemia can be kept away. 

These are required to produce blood cells which are good for mother and baby.

 Your baby needs vitamin K for bone formation.

7. Chives

Chives are considered to boost vision. It gives vitamin C and chives are also good for heart health. 

It is good for the first trimester.

Baby needs to absorb iron and for absorbing iron vitamin C is required.

 Chives give both of them.

Chives are important for mother and baby both.

8.Pumpkin seeds

It is everyday happening when our body heals muscles. During pregnancy when the uterus grows so hip muscles and back does require to stretch in different ways. 

You need protein for these changes to make your muscles stronger. 

Pumpkin seeds give you protein.

These seeds provide you sodium, phosphorus, minerals, and calcium. 

It gives you zinc also which is also very much required during pregnancy. 

These seeds are tasty to eat. This list of  10 amazing foods for pregnancy would help during pregnancy.

9. Basil

Pregnant women need extra care and their diet or food must include many nutrients.

 Basil is a super pack of many vitamins and mineral. Some of them are mentioned below.

It gives protein, niacin, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium. Additionally, it provides copper, and zinc.

It covers most of the minerals and vitamins required during pregnancy.

You should try fresh basil as dried basil has fewer nutrients.

10. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also helpful to get better health and good to eat during pregnancy. 

It could be taken as baked or roasted. It is a source of vitamin A. These are also full of fibre.

 It keeps up filled with energy and active.

Take away..

We have mentioned food tips. These are superfoods that are required during pregnancy. 

10 amazing foods for pregnancy have been mentioned above.

Include the mentioned foods in your daily diet during pregnancy and stay healthy.


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