11 Smoking Effects On Health

By | October 10, 2019

These 11 smoking bad effects on health are fully responsible for bad health. Smoking is always bad for our body as it is a tobacco and tobacco/smoking creates many health issues in our body. 

Tobacco products carry dangerous substances like carbon monoxide, tar, and nicotine so on.

These substances are very unhealthy for our health and it has been medically proved. 

It does not matter how we smoke as it affects our health at the end. Smoking bad effects can give a variety of health issues. 

Let us learn those health issues and decide when to quit smoking.

11 Smoking bad effects on our health


Lung cancer kills many men and women every year and it is very common due to smoking. Smoking tobacco kills 85% to 90% of people in the United States by giving them lung cancer.

Tobacco smoke gives mixed toxic chemicals and most of the chemicals found in it cause cancer which becomes a reason for death among men and women. Smoking can make you sick seriously.

It is found in a survey that people who smoke are 35 times more likely to get different types of cancers than non-smokers. 

Smoking causes throat cancer, mouth cancer, trachea and urinary bladder cancer. Additionally, it is a reason for liver, kidney colon, larynx, and renal pelvis cancer.

These are very common types of cancer among smokers. People who do not smoke get better health and live longer than people who smoke.


heart issue

Smoking gives us healthy issues as adrenaline production goes up due to nicotine and our heart beats faster. It can cause high blood pressure. 

Carbon monoxide which is found in tobacco does reduce oxygen amount in the blood and the heart has to work harder to cover up with oxygen needs in the body.

Blood clotting is more likely to happen in smokers which becomes a reason for heart attack. Smoking effects are deadly if not controlled.

The lining of our arteries also gets damaged by smoking as it gives birth to atheroma which works to narrow the arteries.
If it narrows the artery, It can cause a heart attack or a stroke.


The immune system needs to work fine to keep us healthy and fit. Smoking causes many other health issues in the body. 

Smoking effects make our immune system less responsive due to which our body gets more infections and it becomes very tough to fight with such health issues that do not happen in non-smokers.

Tobacco products harm our body in every possible way.

If our immune system gets damaged then our body is no longer fit and it is more likely to get many other health issues.


It is seen that those who smoke get wrinkles and look aged earlier than others who are not smoking. Smoking gives dry skin and causes more wrinkles by reducing blood flow to the skin.

Smoking speeds up the aging process and gives premature aging.

As many chemicals in tobacco smoke almost damage elastin and collagen which give strength to the skin and these are fibers that give elasticity to our skin too.


HPV which stands for human papillomavirus. It is dangerous for women who tend to smoke. As per studies, HPV-16 is very deadly; women who smoke can get infected with this virus according to research.

If women get infected with it then within 9 to 10 years, they can have cancer and smokers are more likely to get it. 

As one study was done, smoking becomes the reason for HPV-16 most of the time.

HPV becomes the main reason for cervical cancer and it is strongly connected with smoking effects. 

It is advisable to stay away from smoking effects/smoking and smokers as second-hand smoking is also found to be major reason for it.

Let us read how smoking is a reason for cervical cancer.

Smoking prevents the immune system from fighting HPV. Carcinogens which comes from smoking speeds up the movement of cancer growing genetic code from infection to cervical cells.

Who have HPV and women who smoke more than 12 cigarettes or a pack, they are more likely to develop cervical cancer.

Women who have HPV, should quit smoking to avoid smoking effects or cut down the number of cigarettes they smoke to reduce risk.


Diabetes is the main reason for the higher blood sugar. The pancreas, which is a body organ found near the stomach, produces insulin. 

If you have diabetes, your body stops producing enough insulin. In some cases, the pancreas makes insulin but the body can not use it properly. 

Smoking does cause type 2 diabetes and people who smoke, they are 40% more likely to develop it as compared to nonsmokers.

Type 2 diabetes is very common in adults. Smoking effects also contribute for this type 2 diabetes.

If we have any kind of diabetes then we should quit smoking as it makes diabetes very hard to control so quit smoking and have better control of blood sugar level.

baby n mother


Women who smoke, face issues while they are pregnant. Smoking affects the newborn baby too.

Carbon monoxide and many other poisons which are in your blood get carried by bloodstreams. All these poisons directly go to the baby.

Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in your body which affects the growing baby. It does increase baby’s heart rate.

Miscarriage can be caused due to smoking and it can lead to premature delivery. Weight of newborn baby could be less which is not healthy for a baby. 

Smoking becomes the reason for a birth defect due to which infant death rate increases.

Smoking is very dangerous during pregnancy. pregnant women should also avoid second hand-smoking. 

So tar, nicotine, monoxide, and all other poison substances are given by smoking which can affect healthy people easily and during pregnancy when extra care is required, smoking should be quitted.

These 11 smoking bad effects on health can help us quit smoking by informing us deadly smoking effects.


Blood clots are very dangerous for us. Smoking becomes the major reason for it. The lining of blood vessels is damaged by smoking which gives birth to blood clots.

Blood clotting can be anywhere on body which is highly risky as it may lead to heart attacks or stroke.


Smoking also causes ED which stands for erectile dysfunction. Erectile issue or dysfunction is the second name of importance. There can be many psychological reasons for it and physical too.

Smoking is one of the reasons to cause it by damaging blood vessels. It leads to insufficient arterial blood supply which causes ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

It can be improved or made better by quitting smoking. 

Smoking affects heart, kidney, and brain as smoking gives many harmful chemicals. Smoking harms tissues throughout our body. 

Cigarette chemicals affect blood vessels found in the penis. Arteries fail to fill with blood.

If the nervous system is working well even then ED can happen so blood vessels should be healthy to cure it. 

ED becomes more common with age. Age would not matter if you are a heavy smoker.


It can be a case with both genders. Men or women who smoke can face this issue. This issue can be short-term or long-term.

As genetic material which is found in eggs or sperm is badly damaged by smoking effects. 

Women can face miscarriage and it does not stop here as birth defect rate goes higher due to smoking. Nicotine, carbon monoxide, and cyanide are some dangerous chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

 Smoking speeds up the loss of eggs and eggs are not replaced or regenerated. Smoking affects menopause too.

Men who smoke, their sperm quality decreases and sperm’s ability to fertilize eggs might be decreased. Abnormally shaped sperm count may increase.

Conceiving a baby becomes issue as fertility issues increase if we smoke.

 IVF which is a fertility treatment may not benefit 100% in case of smoking and after IVF, smokers have 35% lower pregnancy rate as compared to nonsmokers.

Smoking is a reason for Ectopic pregnancies.

Quitting smoking is tough but not impossible. Smoking effects could kill and damage health to the maximum.

Pregnancy complications can decrease if smoking is stopped. It is a matter of time then.


Smoking affects most of the body part and it does affect teeth too. Smoking gives some dental problems. It affects the way we smile by giving us discolored teeth.

Smokers emit bad breath and brushing every day can not cover it up. Some dental visits can be required for cleaning and removing the stains.

Smoking causes fatal diseases including mouth cancer. Teeth are affected by smoking as it has nicotine and tar.

It makes teeth yellow and heavy smokers mostly have brown teeth in color. Smoking leads to gum disease as smokers produce bacterial plague which becomes the reason for gum disease.

Infected gums do not heal because there is less oxygen in bloodstream. Dental plaque and gum disease are common in heavy smokers and become a cause of tooth loss. 11 smoking bad effects on health have been mentioned above. Let us join hands to quit smoking and have a healthy lifestyle.

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