17 Best Foods For Hypertension

By | November 1, 2019

Hypertension or high blood pressure is very dangerous for health. Today, you will know about 17 best foods for hypertension.

It has become the most common health issue these days. Hypertension is easy to notice in people nowadays.

High blood pressure gives the pressure of blood against artery walls.

High blood pressure can lead to kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke as it can damage blood vessels.

Hypertension gives no symptoms and one does not come to know about it on time. It is also called a silent killer.

However, there are some foods that can lower blood pressure. In addition to it, exercise can also help to control blood pressure.

Hypertension does affect 1 in 3 adults in the United States.

Let us read about 17 best foods for hypertension with scientific evidence.


Potassium, magnesium, and fiber can be very helpful in case of hypertension.

There are some leafy greens which are loaded with potassium.


Swiss Chard | Kale | Beet Greens | Turnip Greens | Romaine Lettuce | Collard Greens |Arugula |

These foods have potassium which could help your kidneys to get rid of more sodium. Sodium comes out of the body through urine.

Therefore, It lowers blood pressure and controls hypertension.

Alcohol can also increase blood pressure so it is good to control alcohol intake for your body. This is also one of the important 17 best foods for hypertension.


As per the American Heart Association, Potassium helps to decrease the effects of sodium. People should go for potassium intake which is good to avoid hypertension.

Bananas can provide this mineral called potassium. Bananas are loaded with potassium.

Potassium can help you manage hypertension. It is a good food for hypertension.


As per the study, people should take around 100 grams of dark chocolate intake a day.

It could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

High-quality chocolate with 60 to 70 percent cocoa is more helpful to manage blood pressure. It reduces blood pressure or hypertension. These foods will fight hypertension.


Watermelon is tasty to eat and easily available in the market.

Moreover, It can reduce or manage high blood pressure. It has an amino acid named ”citrulline”.

With the help of citrulline, the body produces a gas named nitric oxide which helps to relax blood vessels and provides flexibility to arteries.

These effects could control or manage high blood pressure. Watermelon is very healthy for the heart. These 17 best foods for hypertension will help you to stay healthy.


Berries are beneficial for health. Blueberries carry anthocyanins which is a type of flavonoid.

According to the study, anthocyanins are very helpful in reducing high blood pressure.

The research was conducted and found people with the intake of berries have an 8% reduction in the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Berries can easily be part of breakfast and available in the market. Avoid hypertension with foods.


Researches say that beet gives nitrates which helps to reduce high blood pressure. Many studies have shown its benefits.

Beets could become a part of the diet or meal easily. people can roast it, fry it, add-in salade and can enjoy its juice for a healthy heart.

Moreover, it is very delicious to eat. Moreover, here are 17 best foods for hypertension and choose out of these.


Some researches did a comparison of kiwi intake and apple intake on people who had slightly high blood pressure.

It found that people who took around 3 kiwis for 8 weeks had a noticeable reduction in diastolic and systolic blood pressure as compared to people who took an apple for the same period. It can help in hypertension.

The authors do suspect that kiwi causes a reduction in blood pressure due to its bioactive substances.

Kiwis also give vitamin C which may help to improve blood pressure readings in people.


Being a natural antibiotic and antifungal food it is very good for health.

Additionally, it also increases the production of nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide helps blood vessels to relax for dilation. Widening arteries can reduce blood pressure. These effects affect blood pressure.

Hypertensive people should add garlic in their diet. Moreover, it adds good taste in a meal or diet. Garlic is one of the amazing 17 best foods for hypertension.


Pomegranates are healthy and tasty. Some people like to eat it raw and some like to enjoy its juice.

A research was done in 2012 and it showed an intake of 1 cup of pomegranates juice a day for 28 days can reduce the blood pressure.

When buying packed pomegranates juice from the market, do not forget to check it to ensure, it does not have added sugar.

Pomegranate is one of the best out of these 17 best foods for hypertension.


Pistachios are very healthy and tasty. Pistachios could decrease blood pressure as it reduces the tightness of blood vessels and heart rates.

A study showed one serving of pistachios a day can help to reduce blood pressure.

People can eat pistachios plain as snacks, add them crusts, pesto sauces, and salad. Other studies found that almonds have the same effects. It helps to avoid hypertension.


Olive oil is healthy for health as it gives healthy fat. It has inflammation-fighting compounds, called polyphenols.

These compounds help to reduce blood pressure. Olive oil is easily available in the market.


Cinnamon is good for health. There is an analysis of three studies that it (cinnamon) reduces systolic blood pressure 5.39 mm Hg.

It helps to reduce diastolic blood pressure by 2.6 mm Hg.

However, More studies and researches are required. People can add it to a daily diet easily. Choose any food from 17 best foods for hypertension.


Natural yogurt could decrease the risk of blood pressure in women reported by ”The America Heart Association”.

Researchers found that middle-aged women who took 5-6 servings every week for 18-30 years had a 20 percent decrease in the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension as compared to the same age group of women who rarely took yogurt.

Note: Research funding was from the National Dairy Council in the U.S.

Men did not seem to get the same health benefits. However, it is healthy for both. These foods are easily available and best for hypertension.


Seeds are very helpful for our health. Unsalted seeds carry valuable magnesium, potassium, and other minerals to decrease blood pressure.

The importance of potassium has been discussed above and can help in hypertension.

People can consume squash seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.


Oatmeal gives high fiber, low sodium, and low fat which could reduce blood pressure.

Additionally, it gives a fiber named beta-glucan. Beta-glucan helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

You can fuel up yourself with oatmeal breakfast for the day. Oatmeal is in the list of 17 best foods for hypertension.


Spinach is a heart-healthy food. It gives very useful nutrients like folate and magnesium.

Above all, it gives potassium which is a key ingredient for reducing blood pressure.

Spinach carries more other healthy minerals and nutrients which help if you are suffering from hypertension.


Skim milk is one of the healthy foods. It gives low fat. It provides vitamin D and calcium.

Vitamin D and calcium work together to reduce blood pressure or hypertension from 3% to 10%.

However, an intake of skim milk could add up to a 15% reduction in the risk of heart-related or cardiovascular disease.

Take Away.

There are many healthy foods for hypertension. However, there are some foods that we should avoid.

For instance, salt gives an increase to sodium since it is sodium diet. It increases blood pressure or hypertension.

Therefore, It is advisable to reduce salt or sodium intake. No alcohol and no caffeine need to be there.

It just needs some focus on food and diet and you can surely make yourself healthy.

Keep these 17 best foods for hypertension in mind for better health.

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