Hair Fall In Women: Reasons And Solutions

By | October 24, 2019

First of all

Hair fall affects either the scalp or the entire body. Hair fall or loss could be due to heredity, medical conditions or hormonal change. It is seen more in men as compared to women. LET’S READ HAIR FALL IN WOMEN: REASONS AND SOLUTIONS

Hair sheds almost every day. Around 80 to 85 strands are gone in a day.

You always need to know the exact reason for hair fall.

Trichologists mentioned some reasons and solutions for hair fall and we want to share it with you.

First of all, hair loss or fall is a serious issue for women too.

According to research, at least 1 out of 3 women faces hair loss issue. So you should not panic as it is common.

It is always advisable to ask reasons for hair fall and treatment options from Doctor.

Let us see the reasons and solutions for hair loss or hair fall.



One of the hair loss types is Reactive. This type of hair loss depends on the person.

It happens due to body imbalance like severe stress or unhealthy food or diet.

More precisely, it can happen if you take the stress and eat food which has a nutritional deficiency.

This type of hair loss can be in control. Illness could be another reason for this type of hair fall or hair loss.


Due to genes, you could be genetically predisposed to hair loss or hair thinning.

However, hair volume reduces gradually in this case.

It does run in families. Baldness can happen at any age and there is no fixed age group.

There are some triggers mentioned below.



Stress could cause many health issues. You should stay happy.

Stress makes androgens(male hormones) level up.

It causes hair loss and dandruff.

Stress could be the reason for Telogen Effluvium( temporary hair loss)


Vitamin B12 comes from animal protein mainly.

The deficiency of vitamin B12 can affect the health of red cells in the blood.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to tissues. In this way, it affects our hair health and causes hair fall or hair loss.

Moreover, a person feels out of energy due to its deficiency.


There is no doubt that changes in the body can happen when you happen to be going through menopause.

These changes may affect hair. Hair also gets finer with age. Age is an important factor.

Keep reading hair fall in women: reasons and solutions


You should eat some amazing foods to get iron from.

Iron deficiency is also a common cause of hair fall or hair loss in women.

Iron produces hair cell protein. Your strands have to suffer without it.

Iron intake should be taken care of.


Hormonal imbalance could affect all the body including hair.

Hormones play a vital role in hair growth. Androgens which are male hormones can affect the hair growth cycle by shortening it.

It causes hair fall or hair loss and can give you baldness.

On the contrary, estrogens ( female hormones) are good for hair growth.



Protein is very good for health. Protein intake can be crucial in hair growth since protein makes hair.

A person should consider protein when it comes to hair.

You can choose fish or soy for protein. There are also many foods are available loaded with protein.


Styling matters but it can affect strands by placing stress.

There are some hairstyles which are not good for hair.

You should also avoid using heavy styling serums or creams.

They put unwanted weight on the hair.


Healthy carbohydrates are very important for our hair.

They help hair to grow by providing the required energy.

A healthy diet is important but a person should avoid stress.

Avoiding stress will keep hair healthy.


Vitamins and minerals available in your follicles can get a boost with the help of supplements.

Diet also plays a vital role so you should take care of diet too.

These can be vitamin D3, vitamin C, selenium, copper, zinc, required amino acids, L-Methionine and L-lysine.


Scalp massage can affect a lot. If you have a hair loss problem then you should massage with essential oil for 10-15 minutes.

It keeps follicles active. You could add lavender in sesame oil or almond oil.


Smoking is not good for health. Smoking reduces the blood flow which goes to the scalp and which leads to a reduction in hair.


Physical activity can help a lot. You can choose to walk or run. You could also go for swimming.

You are supposed to spend 25-30 minutes for healthy activities for better results.

It can balance your hormonal level. Without a doubt, It can help you get free from stress.

Staying away from illness and stress is beneficial for hair and overall health.


A healthy diet gives you all vitamins and minerals. Some vitamins are crucial and helpful for hair growth.

Vitamin B lets hair maintain its color.

Vitamin E makes blood circulation better in the scalp. It keeps hair follicles productive.

In addition to it, vitamin E could be a reason for the healthy production of sebum.


There are tangles when you have wet hair. Most of the time, People use brush or comb to undo tangles.

A wide-toothed comb is good to use on wet hair.

Wet hair is weak and when you brush chances of hair fall increase.


Water gives many health benefits. Staying hydrated can keep your hair healthy.

The hair shaft comprises water.

You should take 5 to 8 cups for healthy hair. However, remember water intake varies according to temperature or weather conditions in a particular area.


Drying is common after a bath in some countries.

Constant heating and drying can be harmful to hair.

Heating can weaken hair proteins and this could really cause hair loss or hair fall.


Some people like to go for permanent hair color or hair color products.

They do not think about their drawbacks before using it.

These products can damage hair health. If you have hair fall or hair loss issues, you should not use these color products.


All the best efforts have been made to share useful tips. We understand, how important is it to have healthy hair.

Our personality is changed with hair or without hair. Haircare is not tough.

It just needs some attention or focus. Steps that have been told as solutions are not tough and affordable.

We do believe that you will take some of the mentioned steps to take care of your hair health.

Hair fall in women: reasons and solutions have been discussed above.

Hair fall in women:reasons and solutions
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Hair fall in women:reasons and solutions
Hair fall is common these days. Life has become very fast. Stress is also a very common health issue. We have mentioned some useful tips for healthy hair. You can control hair fall or hair loss by following mentioned solutions
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