Health Issues Every Woman MUST Know About

By | February 14, 2020

There are some serious health issues every woman must know about. It is clear that both women and men contract various conditions. There are health problems or health issues which affect women more commonly and differently.

Moreover, women bear more exclusive health concerns. These are some health issues or health problems such as menopause, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and pregnancy.

Women have to face or suffer higher heart problems. These health issues are depression and anxiety.  Anxiety and depression exhibit frequently among women or female patients. Here, we will cover health issues every woman must know about so we can avoid it if we can.

Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause harm to female patients or women.

Health issues in women are of different types. Let us read about those health issues every woman must know about.

These health problems in women are mentioned below.


Breast cancer is a serious illness and it typically originates in the lining of the milk ducts which can also spread to other organs.

Breast cancer is affecting the global female or women population. Generally, this condition is present among women in developed nations.

It is just because of the extended life spans.

In the beginning,  female patients or women afflicted with breast cancer could develop breast lumps.

These breast lumps are non-threatening most of the times, but it is always advisable for women to have it checked by a doctor or a care provider.

Breast cancer still remains on the top out of these health issues every woman must know about.


In the U.S, one out of four women is suffering from this health issue or heart problem. It is commonly seen among women as compared to men.
Although people consider that heart disease also common among men.

Let us say both of them face this heart problem equally. As per one survey, around 55 percent of female patients or women are worried about heart-related issues.

These women realize that heart problems come to be on the top health condition which is threatening their gender. 

In the United States, nearly 50 percent of people are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, smoke, high cholesterol, and some factors.

These factors contribute to a heart problem or heart disease. Hearth healths comes to be second on this list of health issues every woman must know about.


Depression or anxiety is common in women as life is very fast and busy. Natural hormonal fluctuations could give you depression or anxiety.

It is also seen that after birth, mothers acquire a form or kind of depression and it is called the ‘baby blues’.

There are other changes also which affect, such as emotional shifts, sadness, and perimenopause, the tiredness, and shift into menopause can also result in depression.

The only way to get relief is, to reach out to the care provider for therapeutic treatment or prescription. Women need to know this common health issue and some of these health issues are avoidable.


The difference between cervical and ovarian is not clear to many people as many people are really not aware of it.

Ovarian cancer begins or starts in the fallopian tubes and cervical cancer starts or originates int the lower uterus.

However, both cervical cancer or ovarian cancer, cause the same pain. Cervical cancer also causes pain and discharge during intercourse. However, this healthy issue needs serious attention.


Women have to struggle during many conditions. Health issues or health problems are really painful for women.

Discharge and bleeding are normal during or part of the menstrual cycle.

However, unusual symptoms, such as bleeding between frequent urinating and menstruations, could mimic other health issues or health problems.

During this period, vaginal issues could indicate some serious issues such as sexually transmitted diseases.

At this time, you need to visit your care provider. The care providers may help to treat mild infections but if it is unchecked, it can lead to conditions such as kidney failure and infertility. This is also one of major health issues every woman must know about.


If you have any pre-existing conditions, it can worsen during pregnancy which further threatens the health of a child and mother.

If by any chance, you have diabetes, depression, and asthma then any of these health issues or health problems can harm both mother and child while you are pregnant.

You should manage it properly to avoid it. During pregnancy, it can also drop the red blood cell count and it can give you health issues such as anemia or depression.

Luckily, obstetricians can really manage and treat common health problems or health issues during pregnancy.

Since, this time needs your undivided attention to avoid some of these health issues every woman must know about.

7 Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune disease can occur when body cells that vanish or eliminate threats, such as attack healthy cells, viruses and so on.

Autoimmune diseases may share many symptoms such as:

Mild fever
Skin irritation

Osteoporosis is also a health issue health problem that weakens bones and it allows bones to break easily.

Several factors are responsible for this and it occurs in women. Early detection is the best defense against this health problem.

Factors are:

● Lack of exercise
● Alcohol consumption
● Certain prescriptions
● Smoking
● Age
● Low body mass
● Genetics
● Steroid use:


Women or female patients have to face these health issues or health problems. Women stay busy throughout their life as they play different roles. These are more common health issues every woman must know so that women can take appropriate steps to stay away from them.

It is very much understanding that how women handle different and tough situations in life.

Women should also spend some time on their health and if there is any health issue or health problem, women should contact their care provider as soon as possible. Avoid health issues, stay smiling and keep the family protected.

Health issues every woman MUST know about will be able to make you understand about different health issues.

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