How To Quit Smoking Faster

By | October 20, 2019

Today, You are thinking, HOW to quit smoking FASTER. It is also possible that you may have been thinking to quit for a long time.

It is highly appreciated if you want to know how to quit smoking faster. 

We will help you to quit it by providing some helpful tips.

Smoking causes many health issues and it is good to quit smoking. 

Why is it tough to quit?

We know the side effects of smoking. It is still very tough to quit smoking.

You are just a teen or someone who smokes occasionally or you could be someone to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. 

Quitting smoking is going to be a bit tough for you, BUT You can do it.


Smoking is not only a physical addiction but psychological addiction also.

Nicotine Can cause cravings when you try to quit. Your body also gets withdrawal symptoms.

People smoke to get relief from stress, depression, boredom, loneliness, and anxiety. You need to follow strict plans to quit it. 

You can quit smoking by controlling your craving. You can quit it and it is just a matter of time once you decide to quit.


There are some situations where it gets tougher to control. For example, You have stress, feeling lonely, you have cigarettes around you, you have a fixed time to smoke.

Some people smoke in the morning with morning tea or coffee. You are controlling but the situation becomes tough when someone smokes in front of you.

Steps for quitting smoking


You need time to prepare to quit. Decide your month or a week you want to quit smoking from. 

You just need to start controlling your smoking habit right after you plan to quit smoking

No doubt, there would be withdrawal symptoms. You are supposed to see the doctor for medicines like nicotine in an inhaler or you can always go to the market. 

You can buy nicotine patches, gums, and lozenges

You also need encouragement from your friends and family. 

You can tell them about your goal. They motivate you.

They help by motivating and you also try your best.

Remember to keep cigarettes away from you. There should be no cigarettes, ashtray, lighter or smell of cigarette around you.It would be tempting for you.

Your room, house, workplace, colleagues, and car or vehicle should not have cigarettes.

Try to control your craving especially when someone smokes in front of you. There are some healthy activities you can do. 

Meditation, exercise, aerobics, and slow-running in the morning can help.

Avoid common triggers


You know, the company we keep matters a lot. You will feel like smoking if your colleagues smoke in front of you.

Tell them your plan for smoking. This way, they would be avoiding smoking when you are nearby.

When you go on lunch break, make sure you go alone or with nonsmokers. Smokers feel like smoking after meals or food.

You should also understand that people smoke more when they drink. If You take alcohol but it should be smoking prohibited area.

You should try to keep yourself busy. Do not let smoking come into mind. You can be busy watching T.V, call a friend or you can also choose to take a shower.

Avoid tempting situations. You should keep the reasons in mind that why are you quitting smoking. 

Reasons could be any psychical improvement or psychological.

Remember to brush teeth to banish cigarette cravings. Keep your hands busy with a squeeze ball, pencil, and pepper clips.

You can avoid cravings for smoking but you should keep the mouth busy. Use gum, mint, carrot sticks, and sunflower seeds.

One easy way is to drink water to stay away from cravings. Water will keep you hydrated. Water also takes care of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

You should keep your mind busy. You can read a newspaper, magazines, listen to music, watch T.V, and play games.

You are supposed to visit places like theatre, coffee shop, public building, mall, and store. Do not forget to go for healthy exercises.

E-cigarettes are not advised to use for quitting smoking. FDA does not guide to use of e-cigarettes.

Other Options

There are other options also available. for example, acupuncture, behavioral therapy, hypnosis, and motivational therapies can work wonder for you. 

By now you understand that if you want to quit smoking, it is easy.

Challenge while quitting


You face some physical issue as nicotine stops going into the body. There would be nicotine withdrawal symptoms. 

Nicotine withdrawal can last for some days to weeks. We would like to mention the list of the symptoms.

Increased appetite
decreased heart rate
Increased coughing
Irritation or anger

These are some issues. Quitting smoking is totally depends on the person who wants to quit.

You can quit smoking faster by making sure you follow some of these steps.

Take away

We have tried to mention tips for quitting smoking as smoking gives many health benefits. 

You will face some of the withdrawal symptoms but this physical pain is nothing as compared to issue smoking can create.

 You can quit smoking now and it is easy. You can do it but dedication is also required.


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  1. Rosa Wurtz

    Smokers can and do quit smoking. In fact, today there are more former smokers than current smokers . Tobacco smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7,000 chemicals; hundreds are harmful, and about 70 can cause cancer.


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