Is Novel Coronavirus is killing People In The United States And India?

By | February 7, 2020

People are now scared of the deadly novel coronavirus. Novel Coronavirus is killing people in the United States and India? You can check this to know deeply about novel coronavirus.

There are many health conditions or infections one could have. As of now, (27Feb 2020 06:32 GMT) novel coronavirus is an ongoing infection or serious health issue that came from China(Wuhan City) and the above 28,12 deaths have been reported so far.


China is facing this deadly coronavirus. It is not just coronavirus but there are 10 deadly viruses on the earth including deadly novel coronavirus.

China has seen over 2812 deaths due to coronavirus. These deaths were seen because of the novel coronavirus.

Now people around the globe are worried. and China as of today has around 82,524 confirmed cases on this mainland.

If we talk about the list of infected countries then Hong Kong comes to be the second.

Coronavirus is affecting many people nowadays. Hong Kong also has some cases as approximately 21 deaths have been recorded there because of the novel coronavirus.

There are around 10 cases in Macao so far. India is also facing this novel coronavirus as there are 3 cases reported so far(6 Feb 2020). All these 3 cases are from Kerla(India).

In the United States, there have been 14 cases of the novel coronavirus.

There have not been more such cases as the U.S is trying hard to prevent this health issue. The novel coronavirus is not killing people in the US but

According to the recent updates, An American died in China who was infected with coronavirus(60years old).

If we talk about numbers that have been recorded in the US for people infected from novel coronavirus. These 15 (27 feb 2020) cases are confirmed.

  • 1 in  Arizona
  • 2 in Illinois
  • 1 in Massachusetts
  • 8 in California
  • 1 in Washington state
  • 1 in  Wisconsin

CDC also shared a report of patients who are under the investigation. On Feb 7, 2020, a total of 337 people had to go under this investigation.

The report has been negative for 225 people, 100 people are waiting for their report and 12 people have been found infected(Positive).

Though the death count is 0.0. However, the number of infected people with novel coronavirus is increasing in the US.

The US is suffering from this novel coronavirus because most of the infected patients were(visited) in China recently.

India is also fighting and facing novel coronavirus at the moment (27Feb 2020).

Recently Chinese health authorities have declared that they have received reports of 82,524 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus and these cases are totally new(27Feb 2020)

The Indian government is trying to save its citizens who are in China right now.

No death happened in India due to this deadly novel coronavirus so far (date 8 Feb 2020). The novel coronavirus did not kill people so far.

Take Away

The novel coronavirus is spreading its wings around the globe so you really need to take some serious steps.

It does not matter that you are in the US, India, any other Asian country or Europ. Stay Updated and stay healthy. This article would help you if your question is, Is Novel Coronavirus is killing People In The United States And India?

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