Reasons For Hypertension

By | October 18, 2019

Hypertension is another name of high blood pressure. Hypertension or high blood pressure can occur for many reasons. There are reasons for Hypertension nowadays.

It happens when circulating blood pressurizes the wall of blood vessels. It is very common and most people have this issue. There are many reasons for it.

Hypertension is a serious health issue. We should make sure that it is less than 120/80.

Reasons for hypertension


Smoking is very bad for the lungs but it also affects the heart. Nicotine increases blood pressure.

It also raises the heart rate. Smoking could give blood clotting as it narrows arteries.

However, Smoking gives us fatty substances(plaque) that could buildup in arteries and causes issues related to health.

Blood pressure goes up when you smoke. This increase in blood could give a stroke or serious heart issues like a heart attack.


This is something that is very common. It is not about age or gender. Stress treats everyone equally when it comes.

When someone is stressed, the body releases a surge of hormones that increase blood flow temporarily. It increases heartbeat and blood vessels are narrowed.

Blood travels very hard and causes a heart attack or stroke. These hormones can also damage arteries when emotionally stressed.

Though blood pressure goes up and comes down these temporary spikes in the blood can damage blood vessels.

Stress itself is enough to give hypertension or blood pressure.

Sleep Apnea

The unexpected drop in blood oxygen levels during sleep apnea does increase hypertension or blood pressure.

Healthy sleep is important for everyone. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder.

Loud snoring, headache in the morning, irritability, hypersomnia, dry mouth when waking up, and tough to stay asleep are some of its symptoms.

You should the doctor if required.


Blood vessels carry blood from the heart to other body parts.

The heart pumps and pushes blood through arteries to supply oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body parts.

It is clear that 30% to 50% chances are there that genes affect. But it depends on the environment the person lives in.

If a health issue is there, it is not good to blame genes. Health issues depend on our environment, food, and lifestyle first then comes genetic disorders.

This is a case in case of hypertension.

More salt intake could really increase sodium in the bloodstreams. Always eat less salt to have fewer chances of high blood pressure.

Salt will not let your body remove the water but the body will retain it.

This stored water will cause high blood pressure.

Eating more Salt

It is easy but one should always take care of it. Try to eat foods with less salt. Salt intake needs to be measured.

Salt gives high blood pressure which should be under control.


Pathway for both depression and hypertension is the same.

Depression can come under control with the help of good music, Favourite activities, sharing thoughts, yoga, sleep more, eat and drink of choice and do not hesitate to take clinical treatment.

Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is a normal part of life for many. Alcohol is also easily available and many like it around the world.

It is unhealthy for health. More than 2-3 drinks in one sitting could increase blood pressure.

Alcohol intake could increase the weight as it has calories which leads to high blood pressure.


Obesity can invite many health issues. Hypertension could be one of them.

Obesity becomes the reason for 27% of hypertension in men and 28% in women.

Coronary heart disease also may come from obesity. Avoid junk and fast food or minimize the use if possible.

Take away

Hypertension can be under control. Smalls efforts need to be made. There are chances and changes you can easily have.

Some of the reasons for hypertension have been mentioned. We recommend adding some healthy activities.

Gym, Yoga, Swimming, Running, Walking, aerobics, and of course, diet and foods should be considered.

Choose the best activity to have a chance to change lifestyle and get better health.

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